We’re located at the NW corner of Mercer Street and Ranch Road 12,
directly across Mercer from the Wells Fargo drive-through lanes. 
Hours: Monday-Friday 10am-6pm, Saturday 10am-2pm, Sunday closed.
(There is a 24-hour vending unit on the RR 12 side of our building under our sign.)
100 Mercer Street, Dripping Springs, TX 78620
512-858-4464 ThePureWaterStop78620@gmail.com

Our Water Goes Through Five Steps of
Filtration and Purification

Step 1 - Two, 5-micron, 4" x 20" sediment filters
Step 2 - Carbon filtration tank to remove chlorine and fluoride
Step 3 - General water softening
Step 4 - Reverse osmosis to reduce (TDS) to less than 10 parts per million
Step 5 - Full exposure to ultra-violet (UV) for final disinfection

In addition to our pure drinking water, we also offer...

•  A Variety of Water Bottles and Sports Bottles (free fillup on initial purchase of any size bottle)
•  Several Sizes of Porcelain Crocks & Crock Stands
•  Environmentally Friendly Home Cleaners
•  Locally-Made All Natural Home & Bath Products
•  Organic Coffees (locally wood fired - 100% "fair trade")
•  And more....

Our Customers Say...

“Even though we collect rainwater, The Pure Water Stop has a better filtration and purification system than the one we installed. Also, should the need arise, we have an emergency supply of pure water in manageable bottles in case the power goes out. And, Frank’s central location is super convenient.”
- Gary Blackman, Dripping Springs

“We have been happy customers of The Pure Water Stop for 5 years or more. The water quality is superior to our well water and we use it for drinking and cooking. The PWS is convenient to my work commute and Frank is a pleasure to do business with. We look forward to many more years of water from the PWS.”
- Rem Powell, Driftwood

“We’ve been purchasing water from The Pure Water Stop for almost four years. The private wells that supply our home needs are great, but the water they supply cannot compare to what we purchase at the PWS. Less expensive than bottled water from the grocery store, Frank also performs a community service by selling a reasonably priced, quality product that also enables us to store an emergency water during power failures. We keep our supply fresh by simply rotating the bottles.”
- Eric Dreher, Driftwood

“The wife and myself have purchased water from Frank for the last 3 years. Never a problem. Enjoy his friendliness. Trust his product. Thanks, Frank.”
- Tony Powell, Dripping Springs

And, Audrey Hepburn said... "Water is life, and clean water means health."